Library teacher who just loves to make!

Earlier in 2018, I was browsing the craft section of a discount store and I came across a sample pack of polymer clay. I took it home, started playing around and discovered a new love!

I find a sense of peace and excitement as I mix and shape the clay into wild and wonderful pieces that I can then share with you. Each piece is handmade by me in my home, and I hope you love my jewellery as much I have loved making it xo

Handmade jewellery, made with love xo

Welcome to ECHO By Amy!

The name ECHO comes from my four nieces and nephew - Emily, Charlotte, Henry & Olive - born in that order and perfect for a beautiful name.

Each pair of earrings is handmade by me in my home. Often patterns in the clay are unique with each piece so you are purchasing a special and often one of a kind piece.

I hope you love my earrings as much as I loved making them xo